[Counsel] Legal counsel provided on app service terms and conditions and privacy policies

Article posted in 2019-10-02 14:55:13 | VEAT

VEAT Law Firm provided legal counseling on terms and conditions, phrases of authorization to access the application, and privacy policies, based on a request by Company A that provides a foreign language application service.

Company A made a request to VEAT Law Firm for legal counsel to prepare plans to address various legal disputes that may arise in connection with payment for foreign language education content when a contract is terminated midway.

VEAT Law Firm provided expert legal opinions to Company A to prevent any problems from arising in providing foreign language application services in various aspects, as the computation of default penalties and amounts to be returned are regulated by the Electronic Commerce Act as well as the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions. In particular, as the service provided by Company A is performed using an application, VEAT provided legal counsel on the consent to authorization to access the application.

VEAT Law Firm provides diverse legal counseling for new startups to grow through stable management based on its experience in providing legal counsel to numerous startups. Those in need of legal counseling related to the review of terms and conditions, personal information processing policies, and authorization to access an application are invited to contact VEAT Law Firm.