[Counsel] Legal counsel provided for dispute between virtual currency buyers based on request by Company A that had issued virtual currency

Article posted in 2019-10-02 14:56:38 | VEAT

VEAT Law Firm (hereafter "VEAT") provided legal services based on a request from Company A, a foreign developer of virtual currency, to reach an amicable agreement in a dispute arising with virtual currency buyers who had purchased Company A's virtual currency.

VEAT 1) thoroughly examined whether the dispute was rooted in the virtual currency developed by Company A and 2) provided legal counseling to Company A on plans for smooth settlement, even though Company A was not legally responsible for the settlement of the dispute. As a result, VEAT settled the dispute by deriving an amicable agreement between the parties so that Company A would not be preoccupied with the dispute. In particular, VEAT provided legal counsel to Company A to enable them to settle such a dispute quickly if a similar situation is experienced in the future by Company A, who had entered their growth orbit.

As a well-known Korean law firm consisting of corporate advisory and counseling lawyers well-versed in virtual currency and blockchain, VEAT is equipped with extensive experience in diverse legal counsel. VEAT strives to provide effective legal counseling for various legal risks that clients may experience in running a business as a partner in growth, in addition to the one-time legal counsel requested by clients.

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