Seung-jong Oh



  • School of Law, Seoul National University
  • Columbia University Law School
  • School of Law Graduate School, Seogang University


  • Passed 26th Korean judicial (bar) examination
  • Graduated from Judicial Research and Training Institute (16th class)


  • Judge, Seoul District Criminal Court
  • Judge, Dongbu Branch, Seoul District Court
  • Judge, Gangreung Branch, Chuncheon District Court
  • Judge, Dongbu Branch, Seoul District Court
  • Judge, Seoul District Court
  • Professor, Judicial Research and Training Institute
  • Chair, Cyber Research Special Committee, Seoul District Bar Association
  • Expert adviser, Korea Communication Commission
  • Professor, School of Law, Sungkyunkwan University (Intellectual property right law)
  • Partner attorney, Barun Law LLC
  • Partner attorney, Darae law firm
  • Member, Copyright review and mediation committee
  • Member, Korea Copyright Committee
  • Chair, Korea Copyright Committee
  • Member, Personal Information Protection Committee
  • Director, Gugak Broadcasting System
  • Director, Publication Industry Promotion Agency
  • Question designer for bar and patent attorney examinations (Intellectual Property Right Law and Copyright Law)
  • School of Law, Hongik University (Intellectual property right law)
  • Lawyer, DR & AJU law firm
  • Chair, Korea Copyright Law Society



  • Copyright Law (Bagyeongsa, 1st edition, 2007, 4th edition, 2016)
  • Lecture on Copyright Law (Bagyeongsa, 2016)
  • Patent law (Judicial Research and Training Institute, co-author, 1997)
  • Information society and copyright (Hongik University, 2006)
  • Inventions and patents (Hongik University, 2007)
  • Digital content and law (Hongik University, 2008)


  • Research of requirements and guidelines for judging infringement of intellectual property rights (Seogang University, 2005)
  • A study of the protection of characters (Korean Lawyers Association, 1999)
  • Interpretation of the scope of patent claims (Collection of jurisprudence theses, 1998)
  • Identity or uniqueness of computer programs (Comparative private law, 1999)
  • Musical works and contracts (Intellectual Property Right Society, 2000)
  • Derivative works and infringement of copyright (Seonggyungwan University, 2000)
  • Copyright of architectural works (Korean Society of Law, 2000)
  • Creation and copyright holder of computer programs (Seonggyungwan University, 2001)
  • Protection of inventions of computer programs (Administrative Precedent Research Society, 2002)
  • The requirement of substantial similarity in infringement of intellectual property rights
  • The judgment of infringement of the copyright of visual works (Copyright Review & Mediation Committee, 2004)
  • Patent requirements (Beobyeongsa, 2005)
  • Protection of copyright of screen display (Digital Property Right Society, 2005)
  • Filtering of P2P service providers and restriction of OSP responsibility (Hongik Jurisprudence, 2008)
  • Research of expanded copyright focused control system (Hongik Jurisprudence, 2006)