[Counsel] Legal counsel on infringement of the copyright of design of virtual currency exchange website

Article posted in 2019-10-02 14:56:05 | VEAT

VEAT Law Firm (hereafter "VEAT") provided legal counseling on infringement of design copyright based on a request by Company A that runs a virtual currency exchange.

Company A made a request to VEAT for legal counsel in order to seek an expert opinion concerning legal action to Company B, who had identically duplicated the user interface of Company A's website.

VEAT sent a content-certified letter to Company B indicating that in the course of illegal duplication and use of Company A's website user interface for the virtual currency exchange operated by Company B, Company B's actions had misled or confused users so as to believe that Company B's website is identical to Company A's website, and that the corresponding act had infringed their copyrights and violated the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, resulting in damages to Company A.

In particular, VEAT provided legal counseling on the civil and criminal actions that could be taken by Company A in the event of failure by Company B to comply with the request in the content-certified letter by the continuation of the use of Company A's website user interface.